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Medium is an online publishing platform developed by Evan Williams and launched in August 2012. It is owned by A Medium Corporation. The platform is an example of social journalism, having a hybrid collection of amateur and professional people and publications, or exclusive blogs or publishers on Medium, and is regularly regarded as a blog host.

Jack Edward Heald mentioned, "I think the broad reach of Medium is both a strength and a weakness. It is one more place where we can reach a ton of people, and likewise one more place where we can get lost in the noise. The way you select topics to appear in your feed is pretty simple, but I find that I get a lot of stuff I am not remotely interested in. I don't know if that is because my topic selection was poor, or if the publishers tagged their pieces poorly, or something else. I am still not 100% convinced that Medium is worth our content marketing efforts. On the one hand, it is visually appealing and easy to access. On the other hand, I cannot yet tie any particular marketing success back to our efforts on Medium."


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Judy Fisher says

"I signed up for a year. Ive never been able to log in to read the news. I’ve emailed twice and got some technical response that i didn’t understand. I can’t find out how to talk to anyone. I just threw that $0 away. DONT DO IT!!!!!!"

Paul Taylor says

"Business model is profiting off of contributors without allowing growth or profit for the contributors."

hasaan waheed says

"Their User Interface (UI) is appallingly difficult. I struggles to change the name of my blog due to how hard medium is to use. Do not use you will be lost in the website making none of that money that you hoped for. I have got a trash blog that has got the title typed twice (Medium) and has got a tiny image of not the size I want (Medium does not let you change the image size). Stupid, I know."

Sven Esser says

"Its no problem at all that you want to make money with your content, but showing up every time in the top og goole search and then not give any info at all without paying. That should be blocked by google."

nataniel says

"Randomly suspending account with no reasons given. Lack of customer service support, resulting in ignored emails and tickets. It's much better creating your own blog then giving others the key to your content."

Laszlo TOTH says

"I am writing this review because they are taking down my blog without communicating with me. The blog is about public awareness against a Real estate agent who was already criminally charged and still scamming his clients. Medium's stance to protect criminals does not do anything good to the public. Shut down your site and do not waist our time!!!"

China Bono says

"I am filing a complaint with Consumer Protection Bureau against Capital One and MEDIUM. I didn't authorized this $50.00 charges and when I first bought the one year subscription I did it using Capital One ENO application, so I don't know how MEDIUM got my credit card Information. It looks like Capital One is selling customers Information. I contacted Capital One to dispute the charged but they told me that MEDIUM is a preferer merchant, that they can get my information even if I don't authorized it. They are legally doing fraud and then they have the nerves to talk about donald trump. MEDIUM is a fraud."

Joe says

"Another garbage bias service it only like liberals as customers."

Martijn says

"First they take over all the blogs by offering a decent interface and a free service.
Now since all the blogs are on Medium they put up an enormous paywall so now a decent percentage of the links I click in google have to be incognito. I hope they earn 0 dollar's."

Nikos Milan says

"You have to enter the site just to be rejected if you are not willing to pay."

Sylvain says

"Content is good but very very poor customer service and bans account and dont reply or give reasons, this is not right they need to do something about it"

NoName says

"I have spent over 1 year in writing on Medium. But suddenly recently, they suspended my account without any notice. All my previous efforts are lost.
I have tried to contact their support via Tickets and email yourfriends over 10 times, but haven't got any reply yet.
I would never use Medium. And everyone should be careful since they are very likely to suspend your account one day in the future suddenly without any notice."

Donald Couper says

"It is laughably racist. Perhaps it is written by the KKK? Certainly a horrible publication, to be avoided whether you are black, white, or any other colour."

Gaye Wolfe says

"They took a years subscription at 5euro a month without my knowing. I don’t even subscribe to the emails. I paid for ONE and never knew they were deducting regularly.

Timmy Turner says

"Left wing propaganda machine. If you want to feel bad for being white and using language to communicate, check out their plethora of articles written by woke bums that will attempt to open your eyes to how horrible of a country the USA is."

littelcat456 says

"Almost every article is either fake, or promoting a scam. I wish the damned site didn't exist in the first place!"

Jean Charnas says

"I should have read reviews of this site before I subscribed to decide if I wanted to subscribe for $50.00 per year. I had previously read through FB shares some amazing articles and wanted to continue. So, I just did so without checking the reviews. My understanding when I subscribed was that I would receive articles in my inbox which I could read at my leisure. NOT! You have "a year to read" what they send you (which is a lot to sift through). I decided to suspend my membership until I could finish what I already had on my plate and which was sent to me within the parameters of my allotted subscription period. I was totally disappointed to discover that once your subscription has ended, so has your ability to read the articles that are already in your email box. I am off this site for good."

Tamara Olson says

"You will enjoy the stories published on Medium Daily Digest if you enjoy pandering to the far left: Trump haters, America sucks, and the constitution is just drivel with stories written by self-righteous, egoist author's who enjoy virtue signaling from their pulpit. They care more about incendiary rhetoric than anything factual. It seems more like a forum for prepubescent adolescents who are mad at the world without any real understanding of it. In addition, articles that do not support their progressive, Anti-American rhetoric are quickly removed, censored or banned all together. Medium also restricts the number of comments that can be made to stories unless you pay them for the privilege. Medium is like Facebook without the emoji's and opportunities to really be able to respond to comments or stories. Medium is a great platform to reinforce strong beliefs already held by the far leaning left who embrace socialism, hate Trump and America, and seem to be interested in little else. Medium does very little if nothing to actually make you "smarter" as they claim on their site. It is laughable."

mouloud benzadi says

"Great publishing platform.
But what struck me the most was that although tens of my friends were viewing the post and I could see them opening the post, Medium was showing me 7 views!!
Not sure if this "censorship" was by this platform or Google, but it doesn't look right.
The number of views should increase as people view the stories but it has not been the case here as eyewitnessed. And I really would like an explanation for this to trust this platform and Google"

Mike Forster says

"I am new to Medium, so this is not a full review. In reading others' reviews, I did come across these two, which contradict each other. Or, perhaps both positions appear regularly on Medium.

February 15, 2020
drDave Elliott is a right wing pro Trump propaganda site. is a right wing scam. They push out cleverly written pro Trump propaganda …

May 17, 2020
Tamara Olson

Medium Keeps Far Left Ideology and Propaganda Alive and Well. You will enjoy the stories published on Medium Daily Digest if you enjoy pandering to the far left: Trump haters, America sucks …"

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